Love at first quilt.

Six months ago, I didn’t own a single quilt. I packed up all my worldly goods and abandoned them in an overpriced POD in my mother’s yard.

I drove away with my kid, cats and baby French Bulldog. I didn’t panic until we landed at the overpriced Air b&b I’d blindly selected. Nothing was familiar or comfortable. What had I done? Polyester blankets make me sad, so I started browsing Facebook Marketplace for some adopted heirlooms. Anything to help the weird place feel more like home in time for Christmas. I stumbled on an old vintage quilt and made arrangements to go pick it up the next day.

We arrived to pick the quilt up and the woman wouldn’t let me pay for it. She told us that her great grandmother had made it and she felt wrong selling it. She just wanted it to be loved. I cried and told her how much it would mean to us to have something homemade in a sea of sweaty acetate and vinyl.

Isn’t she beautiful?

I fell in love. I fell into every detail. The fabric, the stitches, the history… it all makes my heart skip a beat and has me jumping out of bed in anticipation of another day hard at work. The legacy of the unfinished quilt is my new passion, and you’ll find me quietly quilting most evenings. Thank you for joining me!

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