About Me

Jennifer Roberts

Seamstress, Farmer, Writer & Collector


Hi there! Things have changed around here and I figured a fresh introduction was in order.

I learned to sew as a small child and have a deep love for all fiber arts. There’s yarn in my purse, not lipstick. I was lucky enough to build a successful career as the Vice President of Copper River Fleece; a garment company based in Alaska, and have spent the last 5 years sewing beautiful things. Unfortunately Covid changed everything for small American businesses. After being laid off, I made the difficult decision to sell my farm and leap into the unknown. Time was a wasting… and my dreams were getting rusty.

That lands us here, at this shiny new Oh Jenni. You’ll still find my blog, but it’s more sentimental than spicy these days. More importantly, you’ll find an incredible bunch of treasures, available for purchase.

Vintage Quilts are my passion, and those offered here have been carefully cleaned and repaired when noted. All repurposed quilt items are reinforced and stabilized to help them last another 100 years.

Born in Utah, raised in Idaho, and now wandering around the country, living the dream.


I’m always available for side collaborations, special requests or sewing advice. If you want to chat about quilts, knitting, canning, or anything else, don’t hesitate in reaching out.

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